We simply design and build software

This is all we do, and we do it at our best, taking the customer by the hand and helping him save time and money without compromising the quality and performance of the product.

We the right choice for everyone!

Whether you are a single startupper, a small to medium business, or a large company, we are the right choice. We have a long experience with a wide range of customers and complex projects.

Individuals and startuppers

You have just got a fantastic idea, you are alone, or you have already set up a team and pitched your idea to investors. But now, you need help with the software development, from the UI/UX design to a fully working MVP.

Small and medium businesses

You are already up and running. You are a professional or you have a business, a shop, a restaurant, or a small company. And now you need custom software, designed on your needs to simplify your work and increase your revenues.

Agencies and big companies

You work as a manager at a big company or a consulting agency, and you need to outsource a project, start a spin-off, open a new line of business. Still, you need to reduce the risks and optimize the return on investment.

A few things we’re great at

We design and build software, desktop applications, mobile apps, web apps, cloud solutions, embedded software, and more. We love the challenge, and we sit side by side along with the customer to discuss and analyze every detail of the project.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is the first and most crucial step of every project. More time is spent at this initial phase, and less time is wasted later during the development. We interview the clients, let them explain the user stories, and side by side, draft the use cases and the business logic of the software to be built. From there, we outline the technical requirements and point out the technologies best suited for the project.

Web & Mobile app

We design native mobile apps and web apps that run on any device and wearable, iOS or Android phones, tablets, smartwatches, smart glasses, VR/AR headsets, and more. Our apps are ready for the cloud with the frontend presentation layer and the backend data access layer and modeled on a client-server architecture, designed accordingly to the latest user experience and user interaction best practices.

Back-office solutions

We build back-office applications to manage business processes, control inventory, manage supply chain and manufacturing, as well as front-office applications to manage sales, marketing, and other customer-centric activities. We are platform agnostic and develop Linux, Windows, macOS desktop, or server applications to be run on-premises or in a cloud-based environment as a typical software as a service solution (SaaS).