We turn ideas into products

We help you bring to life your new idea turning it into a real product, step by step, minimizing the entrepreneurial risk and never losing the momentum.

Validate your new idea

We help you focus on the Value Proposition to understand and define what you deliver to the customer, the customer’s problems you are solving and in which ways, the customer segments you can identify and what products and services you will offer to each customer segment.

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Run a market research

We run a wide market research to gather information about your target markets and prospective customers. How large is the market, what trends are present, what kind of market fits best, a mass market, a niche market, a B2B market? We analyse your competitors, what are their strengths, and we do a patent search for possible claims and trademark infringements.

Structure the business

We help you save time and money analysing the business canvas, figuring out in advance the structure of your business, the strengths and the weaknesses. We help you create a business model, and define the cost structure, cost or value driven, the revenue model and the revenue streams.


Build the product

First, we do the technical analysis and list the use cases to define the requirements and the development costs. Then we develop the software, from reactive web applications to desktop and mobile apps, cloud services and more. With an efficient DevOps agile methodology and a two-week PDCA cycle (plan–do–check–act) to go from the early alpha, to the beta version and finally to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).