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Professional solutions

We build software for business

Do you need to assess the technical and commercial feasibility of your project, sorting out all the possible drawbacks, exploring all the different routes to find the best solution to solve your problem?

We can help you saving time and focusing on your objectives. We design and implement software solutions from web dashboards and software integrations to mobile applications that suit your needs.  


Complex Problems

Complex problems are made up of separate parts, many constraints and many interactions. The first step is to untangle the interleaved parts, then focus on key elements and their fundamental relations.


Simple Solutions

We love simple solutions. Simple means no interleaving, one dimension, We analyze, we simplify, we perfect. We start over and over. We believe there is always another way, a better way, a simpler way.


Intuitive Tools

We design tools easy to use. Easy means near to hand, near to the user, familiar, intuitive. We design the user interaction to keep the cognitive load as low as possible. Because the user is the center.


Mobile Apps

We develop native iOS applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. All our applications take advantage of the latest  technologies to persist data on the cloud and integrate push notifications, messaging, remote configuration, A/B testing and in-app analytics. 


Web Solutions

We build standalone web solutions and web dashboards integrated with our mobile apps. All our web solutions are built with the same philosophy of intuitivity and ease of use of our mobile applications and are designed for professional users.


GDPR compliant solutions

All our solutions are designed to be GDPR compliant. The new General Data Protection Regulation requires that every web and mobile application respect the privacy of the users.

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