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Medical applications

ESAMed (Italy only)

The most complete mobile app to study, train and simulate the Italian Medical Licensing Examination


The perfect companion tool dedicated to oncologists and researchers reporting the adverse events in clinical trials.


Be a better doctor! Train yourself wherever you are with a full set of pre-clinical and clinical multiple choice test. 

Other applications 


A mobile app for tourists visiting Padova with real time waiting time and a detailed map of the stops.

Fouling Impact

A tool to calculate the environmental impact of bio-fouling as well as the increased fuel wastes and costs.

Under development


Green Spark

An innovative tool for the industry of smart energies and solar photovoltaic sales companies. The perfect companion to perform the first energetic assessment, to design a complete solution, tailored on the user needs and, finally, to deliver the best quotation to the client. 

Stay tuned!