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Med School is the most advanced trainer for the medical licensing examination and continous medical education. 

available in selected countries

 Study wherever you are!

Coming home by train after a day at the school of medicine or taking a break during the day at the hospital? Are you waiting at a counter or at a supermarket checkout? Are you in bed and want to try and answer the questions before sleeping? Just a click and Med School will start...


 Challenge yourself! 

Med School provides two sections, a gym to practice with training sessions, selecting the subject, the number of questions and available time. And an exam simulator, challenging you on the pre-clinical and the clinical parts. 90 questions for each part in 180 minutes.


 Check your progress!

Every training session and exam will be stored on the device and you will be able to review the correction, scroll through the questions, see which ones you answered correctly or not. Look at your progress with a bar plot and see at a glance if you are improving over time.



6700 questions and 14 subjects among pre-clinical and clinical areas. And with a double tap on the screen, you can see the correct answers!


An exam simulation with 90 question and 150 minutes to test your skill on pre-clinical subjects.


An archive of all the training sessions and the simulated exams, the scores, the correct answers, the wrong and the missing answers .



6 different training modes, from a quick simulation of only 6 questions, to an intensive training with 120 questions on a single subject!


An exam simulation with 90 question and 150 minutes to test your skill on clinical subjects.


The bar plot graph to undestand your progress over time. Check your performances and your scores growing over time.


Learn from your mistakes...

Med School stores on the device every training session and every exam simulation. It instantly corrects the tests and computes the score. You'll be able to scroll through the list of tests and to filter out the incorrect questions and those left blank, to focus only on your mistakes. You will be able to immediately understand the subjects on which you are weak, reviewing them in the study section, and above all to start training sessions only in those subjects!

The secret of Med School is ... studying, do training sessions and exams, check where you are weak and focus your efforts on those subjects! A virtuous cycle that allows you to prepare the exam systematically!

🛡Med School respects your privacy

Med School does not save any data on training sessions and simulations on the cloud.  
Everything is stored on the device only and can be deleted with just one click!

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