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The most downloaded CTC Adverse Event reference app!
Today indroducing the new
Adverse Event Logger

The Adverse Event Logger is now included for free! (V3.0.5)
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The most used CTC-AE reference application

Full CTC-AE4 & CTC-AE5

CTC-AE+ contains the entire CTC-AE-4 and CTC-AE-5 references

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All MedDRA/SOC refences 

MedDRA codes, SOC references and the descriptions of the grades.


Karnofsky & ECOG scores

Check the commonly used Karnofsky and ECOG performance score.


The Adverse Event Logger

Manage your clinical trials

Add all your clinical studies istantaneously. Enter the study reference ID, the name and your notes. Slide right to edit or slide left to delete any trial. Click on any trial to open the associated patient list.


Manage all the patients

Manage the patient list. Add, edit and delete the patients participating a clinical trial. Every patient will be referred to by the patient ID. The Logger will take care of the date and hour of any entry. 


Add any adverse event

Enter the adverse event list of any patient and add choosing among 5 different classes of adverse event: CTC-4, CTC-5, Karnofsky and ECOG performance score, or a create a custom event.


CTC-AE-4 and 5 

All the 790 CTC-AE-4 references and the 837 CTC-AE-5 edition

Performance scores

The Karnofsky and the ECOG performance scores 

Export data

Export any clinical study data in CSV importable in any  other software

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Clinical Trial log

Manage all you clinical trial, study ID, name and notes

Patient log

Manage all the patients of a clinical trial, patient ID and notes

Adverse event log

Add all the adverse events associated to any patient

Export the data of any clinical trial to CSV


Watch the video tutorial on CTC-AE+

🛡CTC-AE+ respects your privacy

CTC-AE+ is GDPR and privacy compliant and does not save any clinical and patient data on the cloud. We strongly reccomend to never use patient name as mandatory in all clinical studies. 

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