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A new idea for a product? 

Good, and now what?

A good idea is never enough! You need determination and perseverance but you must keep your feet on the ground and validate all the aspects of your project in advance. Remember, the time spent in following a pathway that brings nowhere, could be better used to test even more new ideas and eventually find a real business.

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Take a lean approach and minimize the risk 

Validate the problem

What problem are you solving? Is it a real one that needs to be solved? Can the user  do without your product?  What  is the real advantage of using your product? 

Validate the business model

What is your business model? Your revenues model? Your revenue streams? Your cost structure? Is it your business scalable? What investment do you need? How long does it take for the break even?

Validate the prototype

What prototype do you need to test if your product solves the problem? Do you need a mockup to test the user experience or do you need the proof-of-concept (POC) of a core technology?

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Validate the market

Where will your users come from, and how much potential revenue lies in the market opportunity? Is the market large enough to take the idea further? Who are your competitors?

Validate the customers

Will people to put money behind their words? How much are they willing to pay? What do you need to you test your assumptions? A landing page with a call to action (CTA)? A market research?

Validate the product fit

What features do you have to include in the minimum viable product (MVP) to get get the first paying customers? What feedback you get from the early adopters?

Do you need to develop a mobile app?

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Consuting session

Whether you are in an early stage of design or you already have an application, if you have to take an important strategic decision based on technical assumptions, this is the right package for you. We will analyze the situation and illustrate the options you have, giving you all the explanations on frameworks and technologies that are viable for your case. The consult will be a 1-hour online session to solve your issue on the spot.

Technical analysis 

Before start writing a single line of code, every project must go through a complete technical analysis to examine the use cases, draft the requirements, design a coherent, logical flow of events and shape the user experience. This package includes a 2-hour online session, and in 5 days you will receive a complete technical analysis report ready to be forwarded to any software developer or agency. 

Mockup development 

Do you want to develop a working mockup application?  Your app with all the pages and actionable elements, buttons, menus to test the user experience or demo for to potential investors. The mockup is not a sketch, but it is the real application UI/UX. Any software developer will be able to pick it up and adding the required functionalities to get a viable MVP. It is the first code of your app to see the light!

Consuting session

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  • 1-hour online session

  • Instant feedback

  • Actionable advices

  • Ideal for strategic decisions

Technical analysis

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  • 2-hour online session

  • Report delivery in 5 days

  •  Technical analysis and flow chart

  • Ideal for starting a project

Mockup development

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  • 3-hour online session

  • Mockup delivery in 10 days

  • Includes the technical analysis

  • Ideal for investors and demos

(*) All consulting sessions are performed online. Due to current restrictions, office meetings are not possible.

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