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Asteroid Close Approach

There are over 25,000 known near-Earth asteroids. Check out the upcoming close approaches and all potential impacts in the next 100 years!


 Filter and browse the full  list of asteroids and comets

Filter and browse the Sentry database, a highly automated collision monitoring system that continually scans the most current asteroid catalog for future impact with Earth over the next 100 years.


 Inspect the detailed info for every asteroid and comet

Inspect the magnitude, diameter, mass, velocity in space and the entry velocity determining the impact energy. Find out the probability and orbital parameters along with type of analysis used.


 Examine the potential impacts in the future

For every object examine the list of potential impacts and for every event the time coordinates, the  impact energy and the probability, the predicted Palermo and Torino scale, and orbital detailsls.









watch screen

 Enjoy  the Apple Watch  companion app

Install the Asteroid Apple Watch companion app and scroll through the next encounters just raising your wrist and checking the watch. 
All relevant data in just one glimpse, the time of encounter, the diameter of the object, the distance, speed and computed impact energy.

 Keep on eye on the next asteroid

Keep an eye on the next approaching asteroid directly on the springboard of your iPhone with the new widget, or just tap on it to open the full application.


Asteroid Calculator

Do you want to experiment yourself
Calculate in just 4 steps how dangerous is an asteroid
From absolute magnitude and geometric albedo estimate its size..
From density calculate its mass…
From its velocity calculate its kinetic energy…

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