Our mobile apps

We are currently publishing our macOS desktop and iOS mobile applications to our new app store and at the same time refactoring the existing code to the latest Swift and SwiftUI technologies. To report any bug please use our bug reporting form.

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The perfect companion tool dedicated to oncologists reporting the adverse events in clinical trials.

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The most complete mobile app to simulate the Italian Medical Licensing Examination. (Italian)

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Be a better doctor! Train yourself with a full set of pre-clinical and clinical multiple choice test.

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The new dilution dalculator app, simple and quick to use on the spot.

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Asteroid Close Approach

Keep an eye on the updated asteroid close approaches to Earth and the other solar planets.

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A mobile app for tourists visiting Padova with real time waiting time and a detailed map of the stops.

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Fouling Impact Calculator

A tool to calculate the environmental impact of bio-fouling and the fuel wastes and costs.

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